Mobile Milling Service:

Native Hardwoods is  the leading Portable Sawmill Service providers on the North Coast of Ireland. We are the Mobile Sawmill Service, which saves you the time, hassle and the expense of transporting large trees and timber to offsite milling premises. Our portable sawmill has cutting capabilities of up to 188cm in width and 500cm in length – there really is no job too big or small.

All of our equipment is quick and easy to set up and can fit through the tightest of spaces. Perfect for any situation. We take great care in our work so to not cause any damage to the surrounding landscape and vegetation.

High Frequency Vacuum Kiln Drying:

Vacuum Kiln Drying. How Does It Work? Operating our on-site vacuum kiln drying chamber requires an extremely high degree of skill and expertise in the technical properties of wood.

We create separate programmes for specific pieces of timber, each reflecting the

species, width, thickness, length density as well as the current moisture content of the

wood before it is placed into the chamber. We must also factor in how long the timber

has been air dried if at all. This highly customised process needs close management at all times, as important, ad hoc adjustments may be required during drying.

Why Vacuum Kiln-Drying? Freshly cut timber has a moisture content of up to 80%

You make a significant investment with us, therefore what we offer will last well into the

next generation and beyond. Vacuum kiln drying guarantees stability and maximises

its strength and resilience. Vacuum kiln-dried wood also meets the exacting legal

standards for all internal wood uses and projects. Moist wood is vulnerable to wood worm,

this hazard can be eliminated through the vacuum kiln-drying procedure.

Traditional air drying and kiln drying, although a cheaper process simply does not lay

down the appropriate ground work for high-end, intricate surfaces to ensure stability.

Our expertise in this process encompasses wood of any dimension or density, as well

as timber with live or square edges.

Bespoke Furniture Partner:

An Introduction from our partner -  "We create –  we do not produce. We create because we love too. All of our pieces are handmade, in the truest sense of the word. We make one piece at a time and give it our full attention, starting with a tree and ending up with a beautiful thing. We love the idea of taking a fallen tree and giving it new life. We think the natural world is beautiful, and we love what we do. Each piece we create, is in our opinion - functional art. The stability and quality of our raw materials gives us confidence in fulfilling your investment in any commission thanks to the meticulous and specialist process of Native Hardwoods in the seasoning process of the timber we use."

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