Our Philosophy:

Native Hardwoods Ltd is focused on promoting a passion for wood and woodworking, sustainability, ecosystem preservation, and smart management of wood resources. The company wants to demonstrate how locally milled, dried and manipulated timber can contribute to help people build their dwellings and furnish them in a sustainable way, also to salvage our beautiful urban and rural trees from being used as firewood or compost material. Every year in our cities, towns and countryside thousands of trees are being dumped as garbage, doomed to be buried on construction sites or cut up for firewood and mulch. Due to rapid climate transformations, our native trees deserve better treatment based on smart woodland management and more effective use of wood we already utilise in our households, businesses and urban environments. Native Hardwoods encourages individuals, communities and businesses to make better use of this timber, since every tree we salvage for lumber is one less tree that must be cut from a healthy forest, park or scenic site.

'Live' or 'Waney' Edge Timber:

Live edge timber is in high demand, so here at Native Hardwoods, we stock a wide variety, retaining its radiant form and natural characteristics. Our beautiful pieces are locally sourced usually within a 200-mile radius of Portrush. With a choice from an elegant selection of slabs, ranging from warming Oak to detailed Spalted Beech & rich elegant Yew, we can cut your chosen piece to the size you require; saving you time and money taking it elsewhere. Call to our showroom, and you have the choice to take the timber away on the same day, or depending on your location, we can arrange for delivery directly to you.

About High Frequency Vacuum Kiln-Drying:

Operating our on-site vacuum kiln drying chamber requires an extremely high degree

of skill and expertise in the technical properties of wood. We create separate programmes for specific pieces of timber, each reflecting the species, width, thickness, length, density as well as the current moisture content of the wood before it is placed into the chamber. We must also factor in how long the timber has been air dried - if at all. This highly customised process needs close management at all times, as important ad hoc adjustments may be required during drying.


Why Vacuum Kiln-Drying:


Freshly cut timber has a moisture content of up to 80%, therefore impossible to use for any application. When purchasing our timber you make a significant investment with us, therefore what we offer will be ready for the most discerning cabinet maker or hobby woodworker who have pride in their work. Fine furniture, floors, skirting or anything you can imagine made from wood will last well into the next generation and beyond. Vacuum kiln drying guarantees stability and maximises its strength and resilience. Vacuum kiln-dried wood also meets the exacting legal standards for all internal wood uses and projects. Moist wood is vulnerable to wood worm; this hazard can be eliminated through the vacuum kiln-drying procedure. Traditional air drying and kiln drying, although a cheaper process simply does not lay down the appropriate ground work for high-end, intricate surfaces to ensure stability. Any rough sawn timber more than 22mm thick simply doesn't dry in a uniformed manner with this process. This usually only becomes apparent after your new live edge dining table starts to Cup or Warp after several months adjusting to your home's environment. Vacuum Kiln dried wood dries from the centre out to a uniformed and stable moisture content. Our expertise in this process encompasses wood of any dimension or density, as well as timber with live or square edges.